Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello!! I am SO sorry it has been so long, but I PROMISE that will be changing. 🙂

I am beyond excited to finally reveal this Master Make-over to you! It was so much fun to do. I loved this project because it is a great example that you don’t always have to change the “big” stuff to make a BIG impact! My clients wanted their master to become a retreat, somewhere calming where they could come to escape the hustle and bustle and just unwind. They requested that we keep their main furniture pieces, and not change any finishes. This room proves that sometimes all it takes is some proper space planning, accent pieces, and fresh accessories to completely re-vamp your space.

Without further ado let’s get to it! Be ready for a SERIOUS photo overload.. cause let’s be honest. No one looks at Interior Design Blogs to find some good reading. It’s all about the photos!

They love their new space, and so do I. White bedding is my GO TO, if you haven’t noticed.. haha I really wish there were emoji’s on blogs! Anyway, yes when in doubt, for master bedding go WHITE! It is just so romantic, fresh, inviting, sexy, CLASSIC. Also you may notice what a different it made just taking off the Rod Iron details on the furniture! Canopy beds are so iconic, but the iron scroll-work pulled it in a Tuscan direction which we didn’t want. Removing it gave the pieces new life, and a clean pallatte for our spa-like retreat.

I have not listed the links as this was a private client, but if you have inquiries about where I sourced a certain piece please don’t hesitate to ask! Just shoot me an email.

Man it’s good to be back!

Ps.. these photos are basically a “where’s Waldo” game.. haha photographing mirrored furniture is not the easiest! If you look close you can indeed, and embarassingly spy me in a few.. ha!

Love you and thank you for stopping by!!!

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